Our specially designed retirement products offer retirement solutions for the following situations:

  • Protecting against outliving your retirement savings
  • Helping to offset the loss of Social Security income in the event of you or your spouse’s death
  • Income planning with safety and growth
  • Providing penalty-free access to funds in the event of permanent confinement to a nursing home or hospital
  • Passing wealth on to loved ones tax-free

Planning for retirement is best done before you retire but can be done at any age. Our agents understand this: If you don’t have a strategy, you should start on it now. And if you do, your strategy is a “living document” that needs constant review and updating. The good news is we can help with this. Getting customers ready for a comfortable, secure future is our job and our passion. Retirement income planning means putting things in order to get the most from your assets in future years and to make things easier for loved ones when you’re gone.Your future is too important to be left to chance. We want to join with you for the long run, to help manage what can be managed and prepare for what can — and cannot — be anticipated. Every day we help people make plans that can make their future easier and more fun. So let’s talk.


Fixed Indexed Annuities

Pursue upside potential without sacrificing security.

With fixed indexed annuities, the interest rate on a portion of your premium is tied, in part, to a published stock market index, giving you the opportunity to benefit from market trends without owning stocks. Your principal is protected from loss due to market downturns. Athene fixed indexed annuities may also include or offer optional riders that can be purchased for a charge. Rider features vary by product, and can offer benefits like lifetime income, increased liquidity, or a death benefit option. 

Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities (MYGA)

Protect and grow your savings. Plan with confidence.

Multi-year guaranteed annuities provide you with tax-deferred growth at a fixed rate of interest set by Athene for a period of time spelled out in the annuity contract. They also offer the opportunity to produce a guaranteed stream of retirement income you cannot outlive.

Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIA)

Income you can count on.

Single premium immediate annuities make retirement planning easier because they’re predictable. In exchange for a lump sum of money (Single Premium), a SPIA pays a guaranteed amount for a specified time period or until you or your spouse dies.


Indexed Universal Life

 Indexed universal life (IUL) allows the owner to allocate unlimited no cap cash value amounts to either a fixed account or an equity index account. Policies offer a variety of well-known indexes such as the S&P 500 or the Nasdaq 100. ... IUL policies offer tax-deferred cash accumulation for retirement while maintaining a death benefit. 

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Fixed Indexed Annuities with Lifetime guaranteed Income


Are you looking to participate in the rise of the market without risking significant losses in the case of a market slump? The Income Navigator was designed with you in mind!

Offering multiple investing strategies based off the S&P 500®, allocate your funds as you see fit with no damage to your principal. Also available is an Income Rider, which provides you with a steady stream of income for life. Offering control, safety, and high growth possibilities, this annuity is perfect to meet your retiring needs!

Five indexing options:

  • Fixed Account
  • Annual Point to Point
  • Monthly Averaging
  • Monthly Sum
  • Daily Averaging

An available Income Rider to provide you with guaranteed income for life.
Premium Bonuses immediately deposited into your annuity when your policy is set up.*

Your choice, your growth, your future! Income Navigator has a 10-year surrender schedule. Premium bonuses are subject to a vesting schedule. Inclusion of the income rider subject to age restriction.

*Premium bonuses are subject to vesting schedule