Annuities are best known for tremendous safety. They can also be used to protect or increase your savings, or provide a protected stream of income that cannot be outlived. In addition, some provide death benefit riders to help support survivors. With people living longer, many are concerned about “outliving” their savings. Annuities may be the answer to that problem.

There are different types of annuities so it’s important to make sure you get solid guidance about what may be best for your specific retirement strategy. Fixed annuities deliver a guaranteed payment over time. Fixed index annuities can be “linked” to equity markets, which can provide potential for enhanced gains. Our annuities give you a guarantee you never lose any of your principal, no cap, With a traditional  401k, TSP, 403B, IRA you face probate court, taxes, adviser fees, market loss,no nursing benefits, no death benefit. Our annuity will protect you from all of that. 


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Fixed Indexed Annuity with guaranteed lifetime income


Are you looking to participate in the rise of the market without risking significant losses in the case of a market slump? The Income Navigator was designed with you in mind!

Offering multiple investing strategies based off the S&P 500®, allocate your funds as you see fit with no damage to your principal. Also available is an Income Rider, which provides you with a steady stream of income for life. Offering control, safety, and high growth possibilities, this annuity is perfect to meet your retiring needs!

Five indexing options:

  • Fixed Account
  • Annual Point to Point
  • Monthly Averaging
  • Monthly Sum
  • Daily Averaging

An available Income Rider to provide you with guaranteed income for life.
Premium Bonuses immediately deposited into your annuity when your policy is set up.*

Your choice, your growth, your future! Income Navigator has a 10-year surrender schedule. Premium bonuses are subject to a vesting schedule. Inclusion of the income rider subject to age restriction.

*Premium bonuses are subject to vesting schedule